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Burn down

A burndown chart shows the remaining amount of work (Y axis) over a fixed amount of time (X axis). A healthy burndown will start high (no amount of work is completed yet) and finish close to 0 points on the Y axis.

Insight's burndown chart is composed of multiple parts:

  • The burndown line
  • The ideal line
  • The scope creep line
  • The projected line
  • The details


burn-down chart


The burndown line (green)

The green line represents the amount of work left for each day of the iteration. Every time a story is accepted, the line will go down by the number of points the story is worth. You can click on the dots to see which story was accepted that day.


The ideal line (blue)

The straight blue line is used to compare the burndown line agaisnt. It's what the burndown would be if we were living in a perfect world. A straight linear progression that will bring your amount of work to 0 at the end of the iteration.


The scope creep line (orange)

The scope creep line represents the increase or decrease of the total workload during an iteration.

In theory, stories should be frozen once the iteration starts. It's rarely the case in real life and that is why we added it to the chart.

If your team can never finish their iterations on time and the scope creep line is ever increasing, then the problem may reside outside the team. Eg. the product owner fails to organize and plan the team's roadmap.


The projected line (green and dashed)

The projected line show the trend of your burndown in the future, it shows an estimation of the completed workload at the end of your iteration.


The details

Every point on the chart is clickable and hoverable.

For the burndown line, you will get to know which story was accepted on a specific day. For the scope creep line, it will tell you which story was added, moved or re-estimated during an iteration.


Note:  This chart supports all filters.