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Kanban column

The Kanban column widget allows you to organize and visualize your workflow by displaying lists of pre-filtered stories in the form of 'cards'.  These columns can be placed side-by-side to see a snapshot of your workload and how it's moving through your team. 

Each story card displays the following information

  • Title of the Story
  • Any Associated Tags
  • Story Owners
  • Number of Points
  • Estimated Completion Date
  • The last time there was any activity

Using Kanban Columns has the following key advantages:

  • Customize the filters of each column to reflect your internal process
  • Blend multiple projects into a single column
  • Filter columns by states, owners or sprints
  • View who is working on what stories
  • View when stories are estimated to be completed
  • Display the stories in the icebox


2 Kanban columns showing what it looks like on a board.


Note:  This widget supports all filters.