Volatility | Insight


The consistency of your team’s work output. In short this is highly tied to the velocity over time. If your team is not consistent about the work output (number of points accepted per sprint) the volatility will show it very quickly.

An example of a volatility chart


How the volatility is calculated

Volatility = (std_dev(d) / mean(d)) * 100

One thing to note is that the current volatility function takes 4 iterations into account.


Interpreting the results

If it looks like a roller coaster, it means the team should focus on becoming more consistent and this means looking for possible ways to ship a predictable number of story points iteration after iteration.

Idealy you would want a flat line that is near zero all the time, but in reality no team is that consistent, so it's a very good metric to track.


Note:  This chart supports all filters.